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About this site
This is a site dedicated to Aisha Clanclan from Outlaw Star.Here you can find pics of Aisha and the OLS gang.You can also find Aisha'a bio along with the rest of the cast's.Anyway,enjoy!
Aisha Clanclan
I find Aisha to be a very unique character.She is different from all the rest of the cast in my opinion.Some people think that she is a pain in the ass but I don't.She is my favorite character.I think that one reason why she is different is because she is not human,she is a crosss between a human and a cat and I think that makes her special.She not only is half cat but has super-strengh to.I think she is very pretty and in my opinion I wish she really existed!Hehehe,then I could marry her,-_-........NOT!!!!

New Site On The Way

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About To Go Bye-Bye

Right now this place is in the process of being torn down. An all new site is on the way.

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It Is Gone
I removed the adult material but if you would STILL like to see it then go to the club for this site by clicking on the link below.....or on the link's page if it doesn't work.
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